Posted on Apr 29, 2021

KTS Career Coaching


If any of these are on your resume, then yes, it’s time for a change. As a Certified Professional Resume Writer, I am still seeing resumes with the following items:

OBJECTIVE – It’s time to do away with this. The days of saying you want a ‘challenging job that will provide advancement opportunities, etc.’ are over.

SUMMARY of QUALIFICATIONS – Since you should tailor your resume to the job description, include a short paragraph listing experience/achievements and job titles that align with the role.

REFERENCES – List these on a separate page and only provide them when requested. You will typically include 3-5 names (supervisors, colleagues) who can attest to your ability to succeed.

STREET ADDRESS – There is no need to include this since it can be a privacy concern (only include city and state). With the advent of Google maps, uploading these details onto public platforms is not advised. Of course, this information will be provided during the job application process.
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