Posted on May 26, 2021

KTS Career Coaching


When searching for jobs, many find the competition intimidating. Begin by scrutinizing your job responsibilities. Think about the impact you had on the job. This concept applies to almost any role, whether you are dealing with people or data.

If you meet the basic qualifications but still feel others may be better than you, here are a few tips to boost your confidence:

✅ Ask those who know you well to describe you. It’s often difficult to think objectively about yourself.

✅ Did you suggest a new way of addressing a problem in your role? If so, consider exactly how you accomplished this.

✅ Did you improve results? For instance, did you increase the number of website users, create a new program, etc.? Were these your ideas? How did you achieve this?

✅ Did you do something outside of your formal job description? What was it? Did you volunteer for it? Often, employees wear many hats.

The goal is to list your positive traits and achievements based on facts. These make you unique and should instill in you the confidence to submit those applications.
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