Posted on Feb 15, 2021

KTS Career Coaching


If you apply for a job that requires fewer years of experience than you have, does that mean you should not consider it? Not necessarily.

Perhaps you have been a leader and want more customer-facing responsibilities, or you want to make a career pivot.

Maybe you are close to retirement and prefer more of a work/life balance. These are valid reasons to seek roles requiring less experience.

A couple of tips:
✔️Always think about what the employer wants. If you have all the skills they are seeking, make sure you leverage these in your resume.

✔️Examine WHY you want the job. It’s not enough to apply to every open position in your ideal industry, hoping you land an interview. You must demonstrate a genuine interest in the organization, industry, and the role.

The bottom line is to be enthusiastic about the job. Of course, it goes without saying that you will have done your due diligence regarding salaries and are willing to accept a cut if necessary.
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