Posted on Aug 8, 2020

KTS Career Coaching

1. Obtain permission from former supervisors
2. Only provide them when requested
3. List them on a separate page

Many job applicants ask how to handle references. It is important to identify supervisors who will give you strong, rather than mediocre recommendations. Ask how they feel about doing this and you will get a sense for their interest in writing it. You should provide references with your most recent resume to refresh their memory about your experiences. On a separate page, include the recommender’s name, title, relationship to you, employer, email address and phone number. Most hiring managers will call rather than ask for written recommendations.

If you are a recent graduate, refrain from using faculty. They can describe your academic ability but not how you might perform as an employee. If, however, you worked for a professor, ask them to highlight your skills supported with examples. Finally, please do not include ‘References Furnished Upon Request’ on your resume. That is dated and never done anymore.
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